Sanitär- und Heizungstechnik / Sanitary and Plumbing TechnologyDachdecker- und Klempnertechnik - Roofing- and Plumbing TechnologyElektronik und Elektrotechnik - Electronics and electrical engineeringInustrie und Handwerk - Industry and trade
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Providing high quality products is our top priority. Nothing will leave our building that has not proven to be reliable. We will not offer any ill-conceived or questionable solution that does not meet our own high standards. Careful design procedures for product development combined with extensive material and live tests will convince our customers:

Only top quality products pass the test!

Our competent customer service team will be able to help you find the right product for the right application. Should you still have questions: Give us a call!

Chemet® GmbH  |  56424 Staudt (Germany)  |  Phone ++49 (0) 26 02 / 92 65 - 0  |  E-Mail: info@chemet.de